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Hi guys, CaptSupra here, new comer with 5 test flights in “roster”. Let me background my request a bit:

I fly FSEconomy in big group (Release The Krakens). We monitor our fuel burn and would like to know starting fuel and ending fuel. I found LRM few days ago and seems it does fantastic job by caclulating fuel burn.

I’ll give you example from my last flight #1707565. I’m calculating my LRM fuel burn and comparing it to my paper&pen:

Cargo: 5501kg
Fuel: 822gal->242gal (68knt headwind ouch!)

FSEco: 519 nm
real: 541nm (yep, I overshoot ILS, my bad)

Fuel burn:
Paper: 2498-735=1763kg
Fshub: 2505-753=1752kg

As you see the last numbers are very accurate. But here lies my point!
I have to end my fsecoclient ASAP on the runway (stopping the plane ASAP) to have comparable numbers as LRM stops when I touchdown. FSEco records fuel burn for whole flight, gate to gate. BUT!! I t doesn’t show that in it’s logs! It will tell you how much fuel you have left for 5 seconds after the flight, then the magic number is gone!

Now in order to fix this difference…if there would be manual option for Recording Start & stop? I wouldn’t need paper anymore as I would get all my data from LRM/fshub. I understand the real reason to create this nice sw was to be “automatic” and it does that well. What about having option for us who taxi to/from runway?


Captain Supra, RTK ERJ-145

Hi Supra,

I too fly on FSEconomy but did you know that FSEconomy just “estimates” the fuel burned? - Therefore FSEconomy is NOT as accurate as FsHub.

Furthermore, FSHub only takes your starting fuel when you “takeoff” and will automatically log your landing fuel when you “touch down”.

Does this help solve the problem/help you understand it better?

I think what you are saying is that you want FSE to be more accurate but given that FSE automatically calculates the fuel regardless of how far you flew (at least that is my understanding as it uses the plane and fuel burnt per hour rate stats for that aircraft and the “point-point distance” between airports to report how much fuel was burnt.

What exactly are you trying to achieve? - I understand you want a feature to start and stop the flight in the LRM Client but I’m not sure that it will help you much - The LRM Client/FSHub reports values automatically upon “takeoff” and “landing” and so, pressing. “STOP” on the LRM client will actually take longer than what LRM client already automatically does it.


Ahhh forget most of what I said above… I got confused reading your first message (I thought you wanted it the other way around).

…and yes, LRM Client was designed to be fully “automatic” and although I like to accomodate everyone’s request, changing the client would be a big task BUT one that I would be willing to do in the coming months (as we already have a new version of the client being released tomorrow).

I would however add this as an “advanced feature” - You (and others wanting to “manually start and stop flights” would have to enable this option from the preferences window as I honestly feel that the vast majority of users would prefer to have automatic reporting. I totally understand why would would want this feature though :slight_smile:

Keep in touch and I’ll look to work in the new feature in the next month or two :+1:

Hi Bobby,

and thanks for your reply!

The probelm with FSE is that after your flight, there is no way of knowing how much fuel your burned (not even estimate) from the logs. If you forget to mark down your numbers during that 5 sec (or so) message, you’re totally lost with fuel burn. YES, you can calcutate that by checking how much you refueled and by checking the planes current fuel status, but what if the plane is reserved and on-duty afterwards.

Having this option (even in advanced-options) would be very nice and very valuable option. I would turn on recording at engine start at ramp and turn off recording when shutdown at destination ramp. Correct numbers for total fuel burn :slight_smile:



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I’ll add it to the list to be worked on in the near future then Supra!

I hope you have a great weekend and hope that “quickly” writing down the fuel values in the mean time will be OK :slight_smile:

Speak soon buddy,

Kind regards,

It’s currently added to my “after shutdown”-checklist :wink:

Great weekend for you too, fly safe.

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