FS Hub/ LRM Confusion

What is the difference? Confused.

Good question I guess :slight_smile:


LRM Client (LRM standing for “Landing Rate Monitor”) is a piece of software that you install on your computer and that will track your landing rate and other critical information at landing in addition to other such features like play cabin sound effects etc. LRM can actually be used “offline” too (LRM has hundreds of flights daily from players who choose not to add their FsHub token and enable the “online” features for whatever reason) but obviously, if they don’t connect to FsHub it will not store a record of their flight and route information in their online logbook.

FsHub on the other hand is the “website” but technically I guess you could refer to it as a “Data Platform” and whilst many users will use FsHub solely to connect the LRM client to and record their flights into their own personal logbook, FsHub can also be used by virtual airlines, flying groups and software developers all over the world (eg. who want to build mobile apps as an example) to get information about airports or real-time weather information using code… FsHub provides some very technical interfaces that enable third-parties to retrieve useful information about the aforementioned airports, weather as well as their own “flying group” or “virtual airline” flights enabling them to integrate such data and information into their own websites without having to run their complex data calculation/aggregation platform (of which FsHub is already doing and has been developed over years) - the cost of developing and running such as platform on the internet is pretty pricey for the average developer/VA owner.

I hope this makes sense and whilst I could probably just re-brand LRM client and call it “FsHub Client”, I actually developed LRM Client first and FsHub came later… Calling it “FsHub” may infer that you must have an account on FsHub to use it (which you don’t) :slight_smile:

If you have any further questions or something is not clear/you want to understand more, just ask :+1:


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Thanks. I figured as much.

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