How to enable G-Force support for LRM when using X-Plane 11

LRM Client can measure the landing G-force of your aircraft and in-turn the G-Forces that your passengers will experience. The value of the landing G-Force combined with the landing rate (in feet per second) then accounts for the overall landing “score”.

At present, X-Plane users that use LRM Client will notice that the LRM Client will report the landing rate (in g-forces) as 0 as it is unable to obtain this value through XPUIPC.

Native support for this feature is provided in ALL versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator but as X-Plane users use XPUIPC to effective “translate” X-Plane datarefs to FSUIPC offsets and the particular offset that LRM uses to detect the landing rate in “g-forces” a slight modification has to be made by the user to the XPUIPCOffsets.cfg file found under {X-Plane install directory}/Resources/plugins/XPUIPC

At the moment, I have been playing with this configuration and clearly it is not 100% working (the numbers change excessively) but you are welcome to try it out and if you are skilled or have experience in the modification of the XPUIPCOffsets.cfg file and can share a fully working solution this would be fantastic!

So in order to add this functionality for X-Plane users (and then have LRM return the G-forces at landing from X-Plane) you should add these two lines to the bottom of your XPUIPCOffsets.cfg file found under {X-Plane install directory}/Resources/plugins/XPUIPC

# LRM Client G-Force Landing Capture
Dataref gforce sim/flightmodel/forces/g_nrml float
Offset 0x11B8 FLOAT32 1 r $gforce 1 +

Then simply restart X-Plane and the LRM client and the landing g-force should then be automatically detected the next time you land.



I’ll defenitly will give this a try.
One thing though, after editing the XPUIPC File a restart of xplane 11 is not necessarily required. If you go into your plugins menu XPUIPC → Performance Settings you are able to hit “reload datarefs”. It will load the current config and is going to expose the requested dataref correctly. :smiley:

So even if you are currently in cruise and browsing the fshub forums, you can enable this feature on the fly (pun intended).

One question, why are you exporting the dataref with priority 4 and not 1?


To be honest, I really didn’t know what I was doing, 4 just happened to be the last setting that I tried before posting it up here :wink:

I’m a complete n00b at the XPUIPC stuff :frowning:

I’d absolutely LOVE it if you could get it working properly though :wink:

P.s. Yes, I found the option to “Reload datarefs” it works pretty decent too :+1:

FYI - the FSUIPC offset “0x11B8” is definately the one we need to map the landing g-force to - I’m not really sure if the “sim/flightmodel/forces/g_nrml” dataref is the correct one but at least the above doe translate “something” and it does then display in the LRM client. So as long as we can get the correct XP11 dataref AND ensure that the conversion syntax is correct LRM client will now “just work” with X-Plane and the detection of G-Forces at landing

It is not possible to use 0x11BA and devide it through 625? Seems to be a dataref that is already built in to xpuipc and is exposed by default?

I did a whole load of testing yesterday and yes, as per my Discord chat the other day, I suspected that I could have used 0x11BA but the problem exists when that offset is then used in other simulators.

That offset would probably work perfect for XPUIPC BUT for MSFS 2020 it doesn’t play nicely, IF however you knew a way of mapping that offset in the XPUIPCConfig.txt file to `` 0x11B8 ` that would probably solve the issue - Essentially I’m saying that IF XPUIPCOffsets.cfg can affectively “clone” or “map” one FSUIPC offset to another that would be the fix I think!

I hope that makes sense?

…almost like redirect one FSUIPC offset (0x11BA) to (0x11B8) through XPUIPC!

But this is exactly what we are doing with this, no?

Dataref gforce sim/flightmodel/forces/g_nrml float
Offset 0x11B8 FLOAT32 4 r $gforce 1 +

I have the feeling, that I’m missing something here haha :confused:
I tested the suggested dataref but I get really weird values out of xpuipc.

They do not seem to match very well.

Firstly, no, not really, We’re still “reading” the data from XP11 datarefs and then trying to “transform” them in the XPUIPCOffsets.cfg file. What I was trying to say was, given that 0x11BA is already being transformed by XUIPC behind the scenes… it would be good if we could just read the current value of 0x11BA (through XPUIPC) and redirect the output to 0x11B8 - that way we don’t have to try and do any conversion in the XPUIPCOffsets.cfg file other than the line that “redirects” one offset to another. - Do you know what I mean? - I’m not even sure if it’s possible in XPUIPC though!

And yes… you are also getting exactly the same issue that I was having yesterday - the XP datarefs seem waaayyyy off/no real idea as to how to “transform” them so they report correctly and therefore hence my suggestion of IF we could redirect whatever XPUIPC is reporting for 0x11BA directly out to 0x11B8 then that would probably be perfect (as the transformation stuff is already done for us) :slight_smile:

…I really want to get it working but I’m hitting my head against a brick wall right now :frowning: