How to re-enable the in-sim Landing and Take-off messages for MSFS 2020

By default (since World Update V), Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has disabled in-game messages by default and therefore, unlike FSX, FSE:SE, P3D and XP11 the landing and take-off rate will not display inside MSFS 2020 by default now (since World Update 5) if you have the options enabled inside LRM client like so:

Screenshot 2021-10-01 094709

You can however re-enable this feature by going into the “ASSISTANCE OPTIONS” menu and setting the “NOTIFICATION > SOFTWARE TIPS” option to “ON” as shown in the screenshot here:

LRM will now send landing and take-off information to the simulator once again.

Note: Due to a bug (or feature?) in MSFS since Sim Update 6, you will need to double-click the in-sim notifications to dismiss them. Unlike other simulators, MSFS currently doesn’t take into account the times you have set in the Preferences window.