Logbook sorting and filters isn't available (SEE EDIT IN TOPIC TEXT)

EDIT: The feature IS available for me, but it’s shown in white text on a white background (because I’m using light mode) and thus invisible unless highlighted, so there’s a problem there I suppose.

Original text:
Hello (it’s my first post here)

With the July 2021 updates, FSHub users should get the ability to filter and sort their logbook. However this feature isn’t available for me (the option just doesn’t exist), is it still rolling out right now or a bug?

Good catch, thanks! I’m sure we’ll have it fixed soon. And welcome to the forums! Great to have you around.

Hey guys - Just to let you know that I’ve fixed this (and just waiting to be deployed to the live site later today), I’ve since changed the link to a nicer looking (in my opinion anyway) button :slight_smile:

Give it a few hours and then it should all be live on the site :+1: (I’m just getting a few more fixes/things added before deploying again)


Changes have been released :slight_smile: - The new “Filter logbook” button should now work perfectly in both Light mode and Dark mode :+1: