My Flight Sim Setup

I started out some time ago with FSX whilst it was on sale. I did not even had a j̶o̶k̶e̶ yoke at that time. Mainly flew the PMDG 777 and the Aerosoft A320/21. That was on my old Laptop.

I switched to X-Plane 11 some years ago and I’m pretty happy with it. I fly mainly Airbus Planes but sometimes the little E145 or the B752 get’s pulled out of the hangar. Anyways:

My current Setup is a:
Ryzen 5 3600
32GB RAM 3200mHz
RTX 3070 (Bought it for 600€ °O°)
and of course 1TB SSD for the Sim.
My HOTAS is the Logitech x56

I’m currently building the center FCU of the Airbus Aircraft. Inspired by @ballen. No pictures ready yet :smiley:. I will update this post though.

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That’s great my friend! I too pretty much started out with FSX (I dabbled with Flight Simulator 98 when I was in high school) but I really got into flight sim with FS2004 and then within 6 months FSX was released and I used that for many years!

…I should probably post my own “My Flight Sim Setup” thread so as to not highjack your thread haha but though I had to pass comment on your RTX 3070… you got that at a bargain price!! :smiley: - They’re much more expensive now (no thanks at least to the scalpers :()

P.s - I’m really looking forward to seeing your photos once you’re made more progress!!

OMG I just looked the price up for that card again. It is nearly 900€ now? What?

It is update Time!

I had some time yesterday evening and continued on my FCU project. One thing to note is that there is almost no documentation for Xplane-11 users, since most of the mobiflight users are P3D or MS2020 pilots.
I started with the software and completed the encoder side of things. I am using the ToLiss A319 for my project and thankfully ToLiss provided us with Commands to manipulate values in the simulator.
You might think that I am talking about datarefs, but there is a difference.

Daterefs can be read (and or) write. That means, that you are able to read a value, manipulate it on that basis and read it again to check. Not all datarefs are writeable though.

Commands are intended to be changed. You are not able to break anything, if you are writing to them. A command is triggered with a 1 or a 0. For example:

Command 0x6527 UINT8 1 0 sim/autopilot/vertical_speed_up _
1 1 sim/autopilot/vertical_speed_up

I am using this command to increase the vertical speed. When I send a 1 to this adress (0x6527) the vertical speed goes up by a 100. That is the advantage about a command. You just need to send a 1 for an action to execute. A dataref needs to be set to a value, which can not be done as easy. (Except for switches with two positions).

Enough software stuff, here is a picture of the breadboard action I had going on yesterday.

From left to right: Speed - Heading - Altitude - Vertical Speed

All encoders are working as intended! I will know wait for my LEDs and momentary switches to model the Buttons on the Panel (AP, ATHR, LOC, etc…)

One nice things with the ToLiss Model is, that the same datarefs apply to the A321 as well. If I should buy that model as well in the future, I am able to use it without to edit the configuration files. Fingers crossed that this is also true for the upcoming A340. (Pretty hyped about that one)

That is already it for this Update!
Thanks for reading and cheers everyone!

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Wow - great progress so far @thunfischbaum … really good to see things are coming along.

I also found reading about the XP datarefs and “commands” really interesting as I too will probably attempt a Mobiflight config for my FlightFactor A320 soon too.

…I’m still waiting for my final 7-segement display to finish off the HDG and SPD displays lol!

Great job and keep the photos and details coming :smiley: