Possibility to enlarge the flight path map


Would it be possible to have an option to enlarge the map of flight paths please ?

Thanks again for the great job Bobby

Phil :wink:

HI Phil - Yep, will add that to the list - I presume you mean the ability to make the map go “full-screen” potentially instead of simply zooming in (which is already possible) etc?

Hi Bobby
Yes that’s right
It would be nice to switch the map to full screen with the click of a button
Have a nice day and have a good Sunday

You got it!! - I’ll get it added this week!

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Hi Bobby
When will it be ?

Hi Phil,

Apologies - I’ve been working hard on the EFB and LRM 3.4.0 beta releases, I will hopefully manage to fit in this change tomorrow :+1: or by the end of this week at the very latest!

Can’t wait to see all these changes :wink:

This has now been added Phil and is live on the FsHub production platform :+1:


I see a button to disable the map. But not one to enlarge it full screen.

The full screen button was implemented for flight report maps. I believe the one you’re looking at is the one on your pilot dashboard page. I’m sure it’s possible to add the full screen toggle to that one as well, though Bobby would have to confirm that.

I purposely haven’t added an “enlarge” map button to the dashboard map as I want it to look as clean as possible :slight_smile:

The enlarge button has been added to the flight report map only :+1:

The dashboard/profile map is designed to be an overview only and not something I would be keen to change guys.

OK. Thanks. I saw no reason to enlarge the other map. But, no matter to me. :upside_down_face:

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