Request : Client (Night Mode)

Hi Guys,
I am using the Zibo as a study aircraft and have recently started using LRM client to monitor/improve my landing rates.
I enjoy flying mostly at night in a dark room and like to leave the client open.
Would it be possible to provide a ‘night mode’ feature?

Hi Slicker55,

I’ll get it added to my “todo” list my friend :+1:

Kind regards,

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Hiya Bobby,
Thank you… you may have noticed this is my first post in which I was hoping to make a constructive suggestion…
I couldn’t find a ‘suggestion’ box… maybe something else for you to consider?
Loving LRM … actually, comparing results (side-by-side) with xgs
Sometimes the results are quite close to each other but on other occasions they are wide apart?

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Hmmm, I’m not sure why that would be (results being different) so I’ll keep an eye on that but thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

With regards to suggestions, in the past we have taken suggestions from our Discord server (we have a section there) but also in the forums - I will certainly think about adding a “suggestions” feature to both the LRM client and the FsHub website too :slight_smile:

Thanks again Slicker55 - I hope you enjoy using LRM/FsHub for many years to come :smiley:

Feel free to join our Discord server too if you would like - Loads of people share awesome screenshots of their flights in addition to general chit chat about new add-ons etc :slight_smile:

Thanks Bobby,
I am pleased my comments are helpful…
Looking forward to ‘night mode’ … this will be very useful (and popular I suspect) … you have a nice little program here :slight_smile:
I saw something here on the forum about G force … must take a closer look because, as you know, it doesn’t work at the moment
Thanks again, would like to join your discord server and keep in touch

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Hi Bobby,
Thanks for the recent update …
I was looking forward to ‘Night Mode’ … did you have a look at this idea?
Uninstalled XGS… much prefer LRM because it is always consistent with results in Skymatix VA software.
Good job :grinning:

Bobby, I like the night mode idea also.

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I ran out of time for this release (as I have to start a two-week IT contract tomorrow) but fear not, this is already on the list for the next release :+1:

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Great… looking forward to it :grinning:

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Hi @slicker55

Just a quick message to let you know that LRM 5.0.6 is now in internal beta testing and due to be released in a couple of days (on Christmas Eve) - this version contains (amongst some other things) the “Dark Mode” that you requested :+1:

Just letting you know in advance that it’ll be released very shortly!


Great job Bobby… looking forward to trying it out… thanks for including “dark mode” … have a great Christmas!

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Here you go @slicker55 - It has been released earlier today (if you’re still interested) :+1:

Hope you have a great Christmas too buddy!

Bobby, nailed it mate… great job … the dark mode is so much better for my setup and i think others will like it too… a great ‘option’ to have!