Website integration


HOpe someone can help me with this I am looking for a way to integrate the live map to a wordpress based website, I tried webhooks but for some reason I couldn’t make it work and for some reason, also I am learning from the ground up so to speak.

Any idea how I can successfully accomplish that and show a live map view too?

I awat any help eagerly

Could you not use iframes ?

That I thought of and tired but will not show without logging in

Hi @virtualpilot1460 I dropped you a PM on Discord a few days ago checking to see if you wanted a hand with this. I assume that maybe you’ve not been back on Discord since? - Check out my message if you want :+1:

You can use Websockets to get real-time data (moving aircraft) from FsHub, which, for the most part may be complex for the average user/website integrator but as I said, I have messaged you on Discord offering my services if you want something specific :slight_smile: