Weekend project: Airbus A320 FCU/EFIS build

So I decided to take a break from coding this past weekend and decided, now that I’ve transitioned over to MSFS 2020 (from XP11) and have fallen in love with the FlyByWire A320NX that I’d use some of my old Arduino hardware and build out an Airbus CPT GS/EFIS and FCU.

Ok so it’s a bit “rough” around the edges and I could have achieved a better finish with a 3D printer or acrylic panels but I wanted to get it completed in a weekend so it doesn’t impact my normal working week and the other updates and features that I’m working on for FsHub and the LRM client.

I’ve still got to add the labels to the panels and clean off the marks from where I measured and another 7segment display module (which I have ordered through eBay) still needs to be installed to display the SPD and HDG but I’m rather pleased with it for such a quick project.

If anyone is interested, I have used Mobiflight to interface MSFS2020 with the Aurdino MEGA board - this makes it a really cheap alternative to other Flight Sim hardware.

The only thing I have left to do (other than add the remaining 7-segment display for the SPD and HDG is to program the inputs/outputs to work with the FlyByWire A320NX - I’m excited though, maybe I’ll program it all next weekend!

Anyways, here are some photos :slight_smile:

That looks absolutely awesome! Stoked to see more about that project!
I have actually never heard of mobiflight?? I have a ton of arduinos lying around haha!

Yeah, its pretty decent software and a solution overall - Arduino’s are pretty cheap too and easy to replace overtime if they break or whatever (even better if you have a load laying around like you say :))

I’ve previously used OpenCockpit’s boards and their SOIC software (several years ago though) but Mobiflight is a really great tool and actually really easy and much less time consuming than the likes of OpenCockpits solutions.

Mobiflight (if you’ve not already had a look at their website) only supports a couple of boards, the MEGA being one, this is really awesome though to be able to use one board and have a fully functioning GS/EFIS and FCU - All the rotary switches, encoders and LED’s all work from a single board… I was worried that I may have had to use two cards but luckily the number of inputs and outputs matched perfectly.

I can now use my other card that I have laying around for a radio comms panel with LED screens :slight_smile:

Of to the race!

Ooooo nice - You running those LED’s with Mobiflight already or using the Arduino IDE at the moment?

That is already with Mobiflight connected. Sadly I have no switches on hand, expirimenting with LCD Screen at the moment. Such cool Software!

For now then, you’ll just have to improvise with touching two wires together to “create a switch” :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s really good software :slight_smile:

Keep us updated with your progress!!

WAY over my head! Interesting though.

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